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Unnumerable publications that are now out of print contain information that is valuable to genealogical research.  Following are several little known works which are either published by Comprehensive Research or known by the compiler of this site.  These primarily deal with the District of Columbia and, unless otherwise specified, were published in that city.  For availability please check Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., the Library of Congress or the compiler of this site: 

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Analysis of Slave Data Excerpted from the Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia 1653-1812. AAHGS, 2003.

ASBURY, Our Legacy, Our Faith, 1836-1993. The History of Asbury United Methodist Church, Washington, D.C., 1992. [Limited copies available]

Biography of Major James E. Walker, Military Leader, Washington, D.C., 1972.  [Chapter III of this book was reproduced in the Negro History Bulletin, Volume 36, No.6, Oct. 1973, Washington, D.C.]

Birch, Joseph F.: Joseph F. Birch Carpenter and Cabinetmaker, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.  Entry Book, 1839-1854, 2012.

Blacks in the Marriage Records of the District of Columbia, 1800-1872 (2 Vols.), 1988.

Collected Papers of Solomon James Johnson, 1973. 

Columbian Harmony Cemetery Records, 1831 - 1959 (7 Volumes).

Civil War Cemeteries of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area, 1981.

Family Memories.  Funeral Programs and Obituaries from the Richmond, Virginia Area, 2004.

Family Recollections of Beulah A. Shippen and Mabel S. (Shippen) Hatcher.  Roots in the Shinnecock Indian Reservation, Long Island, New York, 1995.

Fisher, Charles B.: Diary of Charles B. Fisher, 1983.

Funeral Programs, 1962-1996, from the Richmond, Virginia Area, 1996.

Genealogical Acquisitions, Books 1 and 2, Newspaper Clippings from the Southwestern  Pennsylvania Area, 1987.

Genealogy of the Collins-Bizzell Family,1983.

Graceland Cemetery, Washington, D.C.  Brief History and Records of Interments, 1872-1894, 2010.

Genealogy of the Cook Family of Washington, D.C.,1984.

History of the Columbian Harmony Society and of Harmony Cemetery, Washington, D.C. (Revised), 2001.

History of Plymouth Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Washington, D.C., 1997.

Holmead's Cemetery (Western Burial Ground), 1986.

Ionia R. Whipper Home, 1984.

Lineal Perspective of John Anderson Lankford and Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, 1995. 

Minutes of the Berean Baptist Church, 1981.

Minutes of the Session of the 15th Street Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC, May 8, 1890 - April 4, 1923, 2002.

Mt. Zion Cemetery, 1984.

Newspaper Obituary Clippings From the Baltimore Afro-American and Washington Afro-American For the Years 1991 and 1992.

Presbyterian Cemetery Records (Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 1856-1897), 1990.

Payne's Cemetery Records (4 Vols.), 1991.

Register of Burials of the Joseph F. Birch Funeral Home, Washington, D.C., 1847?1938 (4 Vols.), 1989.

Register of Members of Union Bethel Church, June 17, 1839-April 12, 1852: A Forerunner of Metropolitan A.M.E. Church, Washington, D.C., 2003.

Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C. Old  Interment Records, 1822?1906 (4 Vols.), 1992.

Rosemont Cemetery (Formerly Moore's Cemetery), Washington, D.C., 1993.

Selected Small Cemeteries of Washington, D.C., 1987.

Sessional Minutes, Vol. 1-111, of  the Fifteenth Street Presbyterian  Church, 1980.

SLUBY and Allied Families (Anderson, Asbury, Brown, Bush, Chambers, Griffin, Mosebay and Watson), 1987.

Transcribed Ledger of the Eastern Methodist Cemetery (Old Ebenezer), 1980.

Woodlawn Cemetery, 1984 (Revised database 2006).